Notices -

Sunday 26th of May, 2024

Meeting / Practices Location When Staff
All Rock Climbing Meeting on Monday B2 Mon 27 May Morning Tea ELA
  Please can all TBC Rock Climbers come to B2 for a meeting on Monday at morning tea, to discuss the BOP Schools Climbing comp coming up.

All Theatresports Drama Room Mon 27 May 12:50 EVI
  Interested in theatresports? Come along and give it a go!

Any students interested please come along to the drama room Monday lunchtime at 12.50 . No experience required, everything will be explained. See you there.


Notices Staff
All Found Jacket; RUT
  name inside Simmons, so could be CAEL, CHE OR Leighton, please see the student office if you have lost it.

  TBC jacket left on bus from Papamoa, the 8.00 am bus on Tuesday this week. please see the student office as it does not have a name.

All PASIFIKA- super 8 Arts group: RUT
  Please return your loan blazers & ties this week to the student office, this is now URGENT, as we have a sports group[ we need to fit.

All Shorts Found KRK
  Found shorts with the name JAYDEN SIDWELL. If these are yours please collect from the student office.